HXRI Lab gives a Talk at the Graduate Student and Professor Panel at EOH 2024

The Grainger College of Engineering Open House (EOH) kicked off on April went through April 6. The 102nd Edition of EOH will feature 200+ exhibits organized by 250+ future engineers. Students from all branches of engineering establish displays to emphasize to the public the importance of science in daily life and to demonstrate the potential impact of future technology. Additionally, leading-edge corporations sponsoring awards and competitions in scientific advancements participate. Primary and secondary schools also attend, aiming to instill the engineering ethos in young students. Engineering Open House commences when aspiring innovators encounter seasoned engineers they aspire to emulate, alongside the children who are poised to follow in their footsteps.

Our graduate student Emre partook in the Graduate Student and Professor Panel at EOH. Graduate students and professors talked about the research they do and how undergraduates could get involved. They answered several questions as to how they determined to pursue their field, what advice they had for students who may be undecided about their engineering discipline or how they could explore and find their passion within the vast field of engineering.