Jacob and Hank are Doing an Internship over the Summer

Two of the HXRI Lab members, Jacob and Hank, are doing an internship over the summer.

Jacob will be working at Databricks (Bellevue Office) as a full stack software engineering intern on the Workspace Experience team. His focus will be mainly on the core user interface and infrastructure of the Databricks platform.

Databricks, Inc. is an international firm specializing in data, analytics, and artificial intelligence, established by the original developers of Apache Spark. It offers a cloud-centric solution enabling businesses to construct, expand, and regulate data and AI operations, encompassing generative AI and various machine learning models. Databricks introduced the concept of the “Data Lakehouse”, an innovative platform amalgamating data warehouse functionalities with those of a data lake. This integration enables organizations to effectively handle and utilize structured and unstructured data for conventional business analysis and AI tasks.

Hank received a full-time internship offer from Intel as a Software Engineer this summer. His internship will chiefly focus on studying modern compiler systems, analyzing the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and improving its performance.

Intel stands as one of the leading semiconductor chip producers globally in terms of revenue. The company provides microprocessors to a wide array of computer system manufacturers and plays a pivotal role in the development of the x86 series of instruction sets commonly utilized in personal computers (PCs). Alongside microprocessors, Intel manufactures chipsets, network interface controllers, flash memory, graphics processing units (GPUs), field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), and other components crucial for communication and computing. Renowned for its Intel Core line of CPUs, Intel holds a significant position in the high-performance general-purpose and gaming PC markets, boasting CPUs that rank among the swiftest in the consumer realm.