HXRI Lab Attends the First Annual IMMERSE Symposium

On February 7th and 8th, HXRI attended the First Annual IMMERSE Symposium at NCSA. The symposium showcased different research projects in immersive technologies, applications, and human experience. It brought together thought leaders from academia, industry, and government agencies to foster collaborations and build communities for research, education, and infrastructure to accelerate the immersive computing era. In conjunction with our current research projects, we presented four posters, which were put together by collaborating with various labs. The names of the posters are listed below:

  1. VRtual Ed: A Virtual Three-Dimensional Educational Platform for Healthcare Students by Anthony Nepomuceno, Wanning Cheng, Chin-Hao Lo, Nimit Kapadia, Celeste Schultz, Avinash Gupta
  2. Leveraging Presence to Support Social Connectivity for Older Adults by George Mois, Emre Eraslan, Sainath Ganesh, Qiyuan Cheng, Jacob Stolker, Ben Guan, Willencia Louis-Charles, Afnaan Afsar Ali, Anika Katherine Urbonas, Dhruti Rajesh, Avinash Gupta, and Wendy Rogers
  3. Development and Usability of a Virtual Reality Umbilical Venous Catheter Placement Simulator by Taylor Gohman, Harris Nisar, Avinash Gupta, M. Jawad Javed & Nicole Rau
  4. JumpXR: A Case Study For Medical XR Simulation Curriculum Integration by Anthony Nepomuceno, Avinash Gupta, Caroline G.L. Cao